Ohashiatsu® courses are full of interesting insight into our daily life and help us form a healthy perspective in our movement and reactions.

  •  For Laypeople: the healing techniques Ohashiatsu can be used immediately on yourself, family and friends. The meditation and exercises in the course work help you become healthier and less stressed. More than 40% of each class is actual hands on and practice.

  • For Professionals: the principles behind Ohashiatsu will help you save your body from injury and fatigue. Ohashiatsu goes far beyond body mechanics – it helps you improve your health while you are working. Learning to use strength from “Hara”, rather than your muscles benefits your clients, giving you the possibility to work more in depth and efficiently. 

The knowledge and techniques learned in each course can be used in everyday life and shared with family and friends.
For many, the study of Ohashiatsu initiates a path of awareness and self-healing.
For professionals (and amateurs) of body techniques, it is the discovery of how to "not work hard".
Each course consists of a theoretical part, movement meditation exercises and a part of working practice on the meridians and on the body.


The basic level is aimed at those who study Ohashiatsu to learn techniques and knowledge aimed at improving their health, to be shared with family and friends, to those who have an interest in oriental culture or want to know the foundations of this style.


The professional level is open to all students who have completed the Basic Level of Ohashiatsu and are interested in deepening their knowledge and professional practice. At the end of the cycle, students obtain a Diploma Certificate.

After graduation, students can follow the post-diploma preparation, and become Certified Ohashiatsu® Consultant (assistant) or Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor (teacher). 

Testimony Of Beatrice Patrone Ohashiatsu® Student

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