Ohashiatsu® Courses

The Ohashiatsu® courses are rich in interesting introspection in our daily lives and help us to form a healthy perspective in our movement and in our reactions. Delicate exercises and manual contact techniques relieve stress, improve health and regenerate both the recipient and the treatment provider. The meditations and the philosophy that supports the Ohashiatsu® help to quiet the mind and the self, while the knowledge and techniques learned in each course can be used in everyday life and shared with family and friends.
The Ohashiatsu® supports the posture and the harmony of the body. For many, the study of Ohashiatsu starts a path of awareness and self-healing. For professionals (and amateurs) of body techniques, it is the discovery of how to "not work hard".
Each course consists of a theoretical part, movement meditation exercises, and a part of working practice on the meridians and the body. The courses of the basic program last 30 hours each and are proposed in various schemes throughout the year. In addition to these the Institute offers shorter seminars to complement the course material. Each subsequent course carefully builds on what has already been taught, adding new material that students can use immediately in their lives. Continuing at their own pace throughout the program, students can take courses independently or as part of a study plan leading to a certificate or specialisation diploma.
Some students take courses to learn self-care techniques, some follow their interest in oriental culture. Students who complete the Base Level  receive a certificate and can register for the Professional Level.

The Professional Level is aimed at students who want to start a new career or add techniques and knowledge to their professional practice. There are also students from other Shiatsu schools, who come to learn the method of Ohashi. At the end of the cycle of studies, students obtain a Diploma Certificate.  

The New Plan Of Study 

The study programme is divided into two levels since March 1, 2015: Basic Level of Ohashiatsu® (Certificate) and Professional Level of Ohashiatsu® (Specialisation). After graduation, students can follow the post-diploma preparation, and become Certified Ohashiatsu® Consultant (assistant) or Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor (teacher).

Ohashiatsu® Basic Level  (Certificate)

The Base Level is aimed at those who study Ohashiatsu® to learn techniques and knowledge to improve their health, to share with family and friends, to those who have interest in Eastern culture or want to know the foundations of this style. Students who conclude the basic level, achieve a certificate and can subscribe to the professional level.

The Basic Level is consist of following 5 courses : Beginner 1 and 2, Intermediate 1, Anatomy 1 and  Basis of Oriental Diagnosis.


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Fluidity and inner strength

Be present... be continuous…use both hands. Students learn the fundamental principles of Ohashiatsu® as they apply to bodywork and more importantly, to every aspect of life. You`ll learn how to work from Hara: your centre and your source of inner strength and calm. 
You`ll learn:

- How to feel the life force or Ki energy flow in the body
- Location of the meridians along the Back, the Legs and the Arms
- Some of the major tsubos (acupoints)
- Ohashiatsu® movements and techniques in supine and prone positions
- At the end of the course students will take a written quiz

As you near the end of the course, you will experience enhanced sensitivity as well as increased body awareness and grace, and by the end of the course, you will know how to give a full-body session.


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The five elements

Learning the principles and philosophy in the first course gives you the "how" to work with energy meridians. The Ohashiatsu® II course provides the "why" to work with specific meridians by introducing the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Our appearance, our habits, our likes and dislikes, our emotions and attitudes are examples of our effort to be in harmony with the Five Elements that are in Nature and within us at all times. 
You’ll learn:

-The Five Element Makko-ho stretches to open your own meridians and balance the Ki energy
- The Bo and Yu points – diagnostic points on the front and back of the body – to help us determine which meridians most need to be brought back into balance
-Techniques in side position 
-The meridians of Governor Vessel and Conception Vessel
-At the end of the course the students will take a written quiz.


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This is a theoretical course that introduces the basic anatomy and physiology. Includes the study of the musculoskeletal system, the structure of cells and tissues, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, urogenital system, endocrine system and cardiovascular system.


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Diagnosis of Hara and Body 

This course shows why the Ohashiatsu® is the best technique for comparison with other practices of shiatsu massage. We will study new techniques using hands, elbows and knees, improving balance and elegance of your body. The combined use of knees with forearms, elbows or hands, allows the practitioner to maintain a connection with the recipient, resulting in a greater feeling of sharing for both.

We will also learn : 
- Diagnosis of the body areas of energy namely
- Quality Kyo and Jitsu psychological and emotional aspects of energy meridians and their relationship in the five Transformations.


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Course open to all students including the basic programme

Oriental Diagnosis of Ohashi will teach you how to "read the body" to discover the physical, mental and spiritual condition in yourself and in others. This 15-hour course allows you to observe the human and natural world with new eyes. Ohashi approaches the Eastern and Western methods with humor and sensitivity,  brilliantly outlining the precepts and seeming contradictions of Oriental medicine in language understandable to all. The aim of the course is to present the unity of body, mind and spirit, underlining the fact that accord with your weaknesses is just as important as using their own strengths.


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An important aspect in learning the techniques of Ohashiatsu® is receiving treatments by certified teachers (COI) and consultants (COC). Private sessions allow students to "feel" the work and learn directly through their bodies. Receive individual treatments from several teachers enables the understanding of differentiated approaches. Requiring a minimum of 4 treatments received.


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Guided practices are essential to help students improve the techniques learned in class. The teacher leads an initial meditation and opening exercises and assists students with technical review plus maintain correct posture whilst working together. Students required a minimum of 60 hours of guided practice to achieve the basic certificate.


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After you complete the five courses, practices and the treatments, for the attainment of the certificate, students are required to complete a small written examination accompanied by a final practical test.

Ohashiatsu® Professional Level (Specialisation) 

The end of the cycle is marked by students obtaining a certificate. Qualification allows access the professional level which also includes students from other schools of shiatsu, holding a diploma that should support a written exam and a practical test, before proceeding with the registration to the courses. Students from other schools will be exempted from the course Anatomy 2, if they can prove to have taken a course that matches.
" In the Advanced Courses the movement is refined, as we approach Ohashiatsu® with  humility of not knowing anything yet." Ohashi


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Psychology of meridians and 
Masunaga System 

During the second Intermediate you will be introduced to Masunaga of Meridian extensions as prescribed by Dr. Masunaga, a psychologist become practitioner and teacher of shiatsu and body techniques, who found that psychological and emotional aspects of the meridians are manifested in body parts other than those shown by the traditional system of meridians. Learning Masunaga Meridian extensions,  will provide you with the ability to fully understand how physical situations can occur in the emotions and psyche, and as an emotional imbalance can produce physical pains and diseases.

Topics discussed: 
-Extensions of the meridians, emotions and behaviors related.
 -The roots of Kyo and Jitsu and how they are formed in our life.
 -Study of personal character.


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In Anatomy 2, anatomical form and function in relation to bodily systems are examined in the context of the theory of the five transformations of energy.


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Deepening Masunaga and free movement

In the Advanced 1 refines and widens the techniques and concepts of the Ohashiatsu®. We will learn how to practice micro and macro transitions during treatment: from supine to prone, prone to side etc... safely and effortlessly. We will learn the treatment in a sitting position. Plus the complete program using four diagnostic methods of observation and analysis of body structure using the theory of Kyo and Jitsu. During the course there is a seminar on practical application.


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 Advanced technique with Ohashi

The advanced 2 is highly stimulating and challenging. Since it is also the final course, it is to be considered as another learning experience, rather than as the last course. Try to think of it as all other courses, a place to learn what they need to improve. Of course it is important that you are, and you feel prepared for this course. But remember that the study lasts a lifetime and it will take many years and many others before you to feel something more than beginners – and rightly so. Among the new techniques learned at this level: muscle toning Meridian, sedation, new diagnostic methods, moxibustion, and how to treat the neck with a scarf. Seminars of practical application, case studies and tutorials form the pattern of advanced courses, culminating in a written examination and a practical examination with Ohashi. The Master Ohashi assisted by a Senior teacher, will teach and evaluates each student personally through the tutorial and examination.


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For the attainment of the diploma, a minimum of 4 treatments received are required when the professional level of Ohashiatsu® is undertaken. An important aspect in learning Ohashiatsu® techniques is to receive treatments from Certified Teachers (COIs) and Consultants (COCs).
Private sessions allow students to "feel" the work and learn directly through their bodies. Receiving individual treatments from several teachers enables the understanding of differentiated approaches.


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Graduation requires a minimum of 90 hours of practice guided by the duration undertaken on a professional level of Ohashiatsu®. Guided practices are essential to help students improve the techniques learned in class. The teacher leads a initial meditation and opening exercises and assists students with technical review and maintain correct posture whilst working together.


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Once you have completed the courses of the vocational program, practices and required received treatments during the last course, i.e.  Advanced 2, each student will conclude with a written examination and a practical, directly with Master Ohashi himself.

Courses Hours And Tuition 

Basic Level (Certificate)

30h - £380  (£345 if Open Day voucher retained)
30h - £430  (£380 for registration 30 days before the course)
+ £55 Tutorial*
30h - £460  (£410 for registration 30 days before the course)
+  £60 Tutorial*
ANATOMY 1 : 24h - £220
 TOTAL  HOURS : 208 hours
Practical Classes : 3h £30

Professional Level (Specialisation) 

INTERMEDIATE 2 ** : £415  (£365 for registration 30 days before course)
ADVANCED 1 ** : £590  (£540 for registration 30 days before the course)
ANATOMY 2 : £220
ADVANCED 2 *** : £  

TOTAL  HOURS :  370 hours

 ** More £60 for the TUTORIAL
***Includes tutorials with a Senior teacher  and practical examination  with Master Ohashi.


This  semi-private lesson is an excellent opportunity to learn. Three students set an appointment with the teacher of the class and for three hours work directly on the techniques that would improve. Not only can you work with the C.O.I. for an hour devoted to you and your learning practical problems, but you can also take advantage of the time devoted to the other two students, observing and asking questions. 

Waiver Of  The Course: 

In the event of withdrawal from the course two weeks before, it will return the 75% of the amount paid. In case of withdrawal after the beginning of the course you are not entitled to a refund but the sum could be completely recovered following a course at the same centre within the 18 months following the payment.