Ohashiatsu® helps to balance energy and wellbeing through stretching and a gentle and continuous touch on the body, limb rotation and stretching that leaves you both relaxed and energized. 

The session is a moment of a deep relaxation and inner listening. 
The benefit are immediate!


Now Ohashiatsu® in the  UK is  fully operational in both 
Surrey and Yorkshire 

What are the benefits?

  • Relief from the most common physical symptoms of stress, such as fatigue, joint pain, muscle tension, anxiety and headaches.
  • Increase in the functions of internal organs.
  • Improved sleep quality.
  •  Increase of the body's natural defences.
  • Deep relaxation and a more complete connection between body, mind and spirit.
  •  Greater self-awareness, inner peace and harmony.
  •  Increased ability to perceive and balance one's energy.
  • Better management of one's health and wellbeing.

How to book an appointment?

•  Book as early as possible to secure your preferred time.
• Do not eat any solids or drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages 2 hours before the session. 
• Bring comfortable clothes to wear during the session (a tracksuit and a t-shirt) and a clean pair of socks. 

  • Please arrive on time. Try to organize your daily plan so that you don't have to worry. 

• Sessions last 45/50 minutes with at least 10 minutes of resting time to give the body time to assimilate the work before you “jump” back into your daily life.
 • In case you need to change or cancel an appointment, please do so with 24 hours notice. In this way your hour can be reserved for others.


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Caterina is a very experienced and intuitive practitioner that will transform your body from stressed and tensed into a relaxed grounded state. She listens deeply to where you need to release tension and guides your muscles into letting go. I would highly recommend you experience her skills and let her work her magic with your body.
Kalyani Ma Mukti
Mentor, Transformational Coach and Totality Therapy Practitioner

“I very much enjoy going to Caterina for an Ohashiatsu treatment. She has a magical touch exuding a confidence as a body worker that allows me to totally relax and feel safe in her hands. I first went to Caterina when I was feeling exhausted after moving house. I quickly felt the benefit from the initial treatment and now I continue to have regular sessions with Caterina as it helps me maintain general well-being.”
Josie Wood
Transformational Coach

 Thank you. 

My Journey Through Ohashiatsu®