How does the Ohashiatsu® work? 

Eastern philosophy teaches us that in the body there are meridians or paths that channel the Ki - our essential energy for life. We sense the presence of this energy in the functioning of our vital system, from digestion to the most refined thoughts, and in spiritual awareness. Any stagnation or imbalance within the meridians can manifest itself in physical and psychological discomfort. Ohashiatsu helps to balance energy and well-being through stretching and a gentle and continuous touch on the body, which goes beyond the practice of massage itself.

What are the benefits?

- Relief from the most common physical symptoms of stress, such as fatigue, joint pain, muscle tension, anxiety and headaches.
- Deep relaxation and a more complete connection between body, mind and spirit.
- Greater self-awareness, inner peace and harmony.
- Increased ability to perceive and balance one's energy.
- Better management of one's health and well-being.

Is Ohashiatsu® unique?

Ohashiatsu® combines psychological and spiritual components with physical ones. By not focusing only on specific points, used in traditional shiatsu and acupuncture sessions and other massage techniques, Ohashiatsu® emphasizes the perception and intervention of rebalancing the overall flow of energy throughout the body. Through this body technique, when the energy returns to balance the body can follow its natural impulse to self-healing. The profound relaxation of body, mind and spirit revitalizes those who receive treatment and induces a state of harmony and peace.

Regular sessions

In an Ohashiatsu® session the receiving person is lying on a mat on the floor, fully dressed in comfortable clothes. Practitioner Ohashiatsu® moves around the body of the recipient, exerting pressure, stretching, and passive gym exercises that act on the meridians. Receiving regular sessions helps to keep one's energy balanced and develop a profound awareness of body, mind and spirit, facilitating healing. The constant work with a qualified Ohashiatsu® Consultant or Instructor establishes a relationship that fosters a progressive reflection and self-knowledge, and these are important ingredients of health and well-being.

How to book an appointment?

• Call as early as possible to secure your preferred time. 
• Do not eat any solids or drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages 2 hours before the session. 
• Bring loose, comfortable clothing and clean socks to change into. Cotton is an ideal fabric. 
• Sessions last 50/60 minutes with at least 10 minutes of resting time to give the body time to assimilate the work before you “jump” back into your daily life.


1 session cost £60

- 10% discount for NHS staff, teachers, students, maternity patients and jobseekers.
- 10% off when you introduce a friend.

My Journey Through Ohashiatsu®