Ohashiatsu Beginning 1

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Learn the basic concepts of Ohashiatsu® with a certified Ohashiatsu instructor, Caterina Matteoda.

This course includes:

  • theory
  • physical exercises
  • meditations
  • practical applications "hands-on training"

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More details about the course

In the beginners course students learn the
fundamental principles of Ohashiatsu® as they apply to bodywork and more importantly, to every aspect of life.

You'll learn how to work from Hara: your centre and source of inner strength and


  • How to feel the life force or Ki energy flow in the body
  • Location of the meridians along the Back, the Legs and the Arms
  • Some of the major tsubos (acupoints)
  • Ohashiatsu® movements and techniques in supine and prone position


Students who complete the Basic Level obtain a certificate and can enrol in the Professional Level. 

Course duration: 30 hours

For more information on our Beginning 1 couese, check our our course content page

Who is it suitable for?

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This course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as for those who wish to revisit the basic concepts of Ohashiatsu®.

If you've already completed the Beginners 1 course and want to progress to the next level, then head over to our Beginners 2 course.  

When is this course available?

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This course is available several times a year. Get in touch if you're interested in booking a beginners course with us.

What is Ohashiatsu® ?

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Ohashiatsu® is a unique nurturing method of healing touch developed and introduced by Ohashi in the 1970s. 

Based on the ancient Eastern principles of meridian energy manipulation, Ohashi’s modality takes shiatsu (acupressure) to a higher level of well-being. 

Guided by his studies in Oriental medicine, Japanese martial arts, and human movement, Ohashi has cultivated the best of these disciplines into his unique method.   

How can I practice after the course?

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The student is invited to the 3-hour monthly guided practice with the teacher at your disposal.  

They take place every 1st Saturday of each month from 2pm - 5pm. 
Price: £30 (payable in cash or card)

The practice is open to all Ohashiatsu® students and shiatsu practitioners and it allows you to review the postures, in order to train and improve the techniques. 

They are also important moments of exchange, sharing and discussion around the practice of shiatsu. 

Can I pay in person?

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Yes, if you prefer to pay for your course in person, we now accept all major debit and credit cards. All payments will be made via SumUp terminal.
Please send us an email or fill in our contact us form to book your slot first and let us know your prefered payment method.

More than just a training course...

The Ohashiatsu® programme pursues several objectives and for this reason the programme is divided into two parts: Basic Level and Professional Level.

Whether you're here to learn self-healing techniques or your interest in oriental cultures has brought you here, rest assured our Ohashiatsu® Beginning training course will cater to your needs.


Are you ready to explore the amazing world of Ohashiatsu®? 

If you have any questions about our Ohashiatsu® Beginning 1 course, head over to our contact us page.
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