Cupping Therapy

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The session lasts 30 mins but may take an addition 15 mins to walk you through the process and preparation.

More about cupping therapy

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine technique used to ease pain.

Cupping is applied for: 

· muscle aches and contractures 

· bronchitis 

· lymphatic drainage 

· tissue detoxification 

· cellulite treatment 

What is cupping therapy?

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Cupping is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine that  consists precisely in the application of cups that produce a strong suction cup effect. 

It is thanks to this effect that cupping can induce a very powerful movement of energy and blood circulation that also extends to the soft tissues.

For this reason it is particularly useful in the majority of cases where muscular or acute pain is present. 

Does cupping leave bruises?

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Sometimes the cups can leave small hematomas in a circle of more or less pronounced visibility but in any case destined to be reabsorbed quickly and without leaving any consequences. 

For this reason, the cupping technique is always applied only after providing the patient with a very detailed explanation and therefore after receiving explicit approval.

Essential, and therefore always performed before cupping, is an assessment of the skin and dermis tissue to check for inflammation, damage or irritation, or protruding capillaries or melanomas, cases in which cupping cannot be applied

Is cupping therapy suitable for me?

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While cupping is a great way to release toxins and ease pain, it's not suitable for people who suffer from:

  • heart and / or kidney failure 
  • ascites liver-cirrhosis and severe edema 
  • hemorrhagic diseases such as allergic pupura, haemophilia and leukemia 
  • people with dermatosis, destruction of the skin
  • allergic dermatitis

Can I pay in person?

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Yes, if you prefer to pay for your course in person, we now accept all major debit and credit cards. All payments will be made via SumUp terminal.
Please send us an email or fill in our contact us form to book your slot first and let us know your prefered payment method. 

Any doubts or queries about cupping therapy?

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