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Christmas Team Spirit

December 2019 

 We would like to take this opportunity to officially introduce our newly appointed members of Team Ohashiatsu UK. The special season has rewarded us with the exceptional talents of Alexia Mariotti, Rosy Rizzo, Beatrice Patrone and Dan Round. As for myself, Caterina Matteoda, I am truly honoured and proud to lead the team alongside my partner and personal assistant Zakaria Makuyi.

Our commitment to collectively sow the seeds and carefully nurture the growth of first class education in energy bodywork according to the Ohashi Method, remains undoubtedly the best Christmas gift ever, both for us and the entire UK.     

Team Ohashiatsu UK  would like to send heartfelt warmest Seasons Greetings to all staff, practitioners, instructors, clients and students all over the world and especially in New York alongside Master Ohashi, Bonnie Harrington, Kazuhiro Ohashi & Livia Schappert

 Have a Merry Christmas! 

 A Season For Change 

 New Direction

  After a long-standing battle against all the odds of starting up my own School of Ohashiatsu in the United Kingdom, I have only recently managed to dust myself off and dry my eyes. At times it felt like I was caught in a terrible storm and there was no light in sight, but fortunately thanks to the help and support of everyone at Ohashi International, my colleagues in Europe and my amazing team, once again I am looking forward to a bright future in the business of wellbeing.  

Our meeting at the seminar in Bari, Italy last October has inspired a new perspective on the way we aspire to approach a wide range of projects and ideas for bodywork sessions, lessons, workshops, retreats, festivals and promotions. 

A Healthy And Happy New Year

A new year usually signifies turning over a new leaf and therefore we have adopted some innovative ways to present our services to the public. In 2020 our team will be focused on promoting self awareness by putting emphasis on first class education and information. Early next year York will experience the city’s first ever “Makko-ho” class aimed at offering everyday people the opportunity to start maintaining a well balanced lifestyle in within and around the ancient city walls. 

Team Ohashiatsu UK will be crossing boundaries with the launch of our brand new newsletter, bringing the latest and most relevant news from the world of alternative healthcare. Meanwhile, Ohashiatsu School UK will also be setting up bases both in London and York with the intention of ultimately making Ohashiatsu services available nationwide.

“Philosopher, metaphysician,
Rhymer, brawler, and musician,
Famed for his lunar expedition,
And the unnumbered duels he fought,
And lover also – by interposition! –
Here lies Hercule Savinien
De Cyrano de Bergerac,
Who was everything, yet was naught”
Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

Autumn 1655, we are at the park of Dames de la Croix monastery, the Ladies of the Cross of Paris, and here Edmond Rostand makes his Cyrano, proud swordsman with a huge nose, die. A fearless hero and the main character of one of the most moving love story of literature. 
Cyrano tells us so much about the energy of autumn. We will find out why. Meanwhile, we'll simply let him introduce us to the discovery of this season, which we will explore wearing special glasses, that will be able to understand its spirit in a way that is unusual for us, both poetic and practical. These magic glasses are that set of notions, philosophy, lifestyles, which fall under the name of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM for friends.

According to TCM, seasons, as well as all manifestations of life, are subject to universal laws, which rule from the mists of time. The best known of these laws is the Law of the five elements. Five – TCM says – are the founding elements of the entire universe: metal, water, wood, fire, earth. The Metal element expresses itself precisely in autumn: the end of summer, the season of maximum expansion and activity, we feel the need to start looking inside ourselves, to take care of ourselves. The metal is connected to Lung and large intestine, the two exchange organs that regulate internal-external communication. The main function of these organs is to preserve what is useful and to let go of what we no longer need.

From a psychic point of view this translates into the ability to internalise significant experiences and at the same time letting go of the past, creating that emptiness that allows you to live new experiences. In accordance with the laws of the universe, animal and plant world during autumn prepares itself for winter harshness, slowing down its activity: energy transforms, bends into itself, becomes thinner and it adorns, getting used to the quiet.


We ourselves can nurture the process of internalisation by regulating our lifestyle and our diet. In the kitchen we will therefore use longer and more Yang cooking (masculine, strong and warm energy), such as oven baking, limiting the use of raw vegetables and salads, preferring vegetables and seasonal vegetables. This season's fruits and vegetables have remarkable property to protect our body and also to preserve it from the signs of time: the artichoke, the pumpkin, the different varieties of radicchio, all varieties of cabbage, apples and pears, grapes. The typical cereal of metal is brown rice, in autumn we can use it in soups and broths.


The sense organ connected to the Metal is the nose, so the typical illness of autumn is the cold, which, by expelling mucus, it will help expel the Yin (feminine energy, colder, in shadow) excess from the body. One of the best ways to strengthen the lungs, even if it sounds commonplace, is to breathe deeply. It is therefore useful to take frequent walks, breathing the autumn air and filling the lungs with energy, thus nourishing the cells and the brain with the oxygen for all of ours vital processes.

From a psychological point of view, it will be good to put an end to the activities that you started in spring and in summer, enjoying its fruits, and at the same time turning to more introspective projects, aimed at treatment of body and mind.


With autumn, therefore, when light decreases and air cools, the time of internal focus comes, as well as the time of evolution through concentration; but all of this is mixed with a sense of loss, of melancholy suspension. Metal, derived from the Earth, is a pure substance generated by a process of reduction, it is rough diamond, which aspires to perfection and at the same time it is angular and sharp.

And so we end as we began, with our Cyrano, melancholic and severe, rough diamond, which wounds with its sword and inebriates with its verses; deeply marked by the ugliness of his big nose, which he now lives with sadness now with fierce sarcasm, and the pursuit of perfection of the poetic form; in perpetual oscillation between inside and outside, among the heroic deeds in battle and its self-enclosure, in its secret love for Rossana. Unhappy love because never revealed to his beloved, until his last breath on that last day of life, at the park, in Paris, in autumn. 
(by Alexia Mariotti).


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Graduation Ceremony 
Ohashi's Professional Seminar Of Oriental Diagnosis And Treatment , Bari, Italy 2019