Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor

About Me

My name is Caterina Matteoda and I hail from Turin, Italy. My fascination with natural methods of healing began at a very tender stage in my life, more especially when I had a personal encounter with the depths of depression in my own life. The experience has driven me to pursue training and research into further studies in the direction of holistic wellness and natural alternative healing methods. In order to attain such expertise I promptly attended the Institute of Naturopathy of Urbino and the study program of the Ohashi Institute. As a result my journey of awareness and self healing was set in motion. Ever since, the driving force behind my profession has always been a passion for peace, hence my dedication to the care and welfare of everyday people remains fuelled with empathy, compassion and ultimately respect: the core values that serve as the hub which keeps these wheels in motion.

My Philosophy

I have a strong and undying belief in the philosophies and methods of Ohashiatsu®. 
Personally, since the beginning I have continually experienced a profound sense of peace in my heart and a calmness in my mind, which together has helped me to let go of any insecurities about my self worth.
One of the first things I have learnt is how to be in a state of total self awareness with no effort at all. The practice has given me the ability to fully acknowledge my energy flow in relation to the entire universe and its effects on my body’s self healing properties. An encounter of this nature is difficult to put into words because of its transcendental or spiritual quality. I believe that Ohashiatsu® is the new path to personal and inter-personal growth and therefore I have a great desire to lead the way forward here in the United Kingdom. 
Observing and learning from Master Ohashi has reignited my passion to spread the precious knowledge and wisdom of self awareness and the awareness of our fellow human beings.

My  Training

In June 2019 qualified as Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor.
In 2011 qualified as Certified Ohashiatsu® Consultant.
2014 - Attainment of the certificate “Basic Swedish Massage” at DIABASI School, Italy.  

2009 - 2012 - Special Healing Seminar with Master Ohashi:
 “ Professional Course with Ohashi
Ohashiatsu® for Healthy Pregnancy
The psychology of the Meridians” 
Oriental Diagnosis  with Ohashi”
“Wraps and Cupping: the use of the heat as therapy”  and
Moxibustion Seminar ” with C.O.I. Senior M.Stabellini, at Ohashi Institute, Italy.
May 2011 - Training and completion of the  “Advanced Program of Ohashiatsu®” with Wataru Ohashi at Ohashi Institute, NY.
June 2010 - Attainment of the “Certificate of training received in Naturopathic” at Institute of Naturopatia Italiana, Urbino, Italy. Thesis : “Syndrome of the irritable colon, protocol for naturopath”. Main subject of study: Foot Reflexology, Floritherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Phytotherapy, PNL, PNEI, Aromatherapy, Erbal medicine.
2008 - Attainment 1 and 2 level method of natural healing Reiki Usui Shiky Ryoho.
June 1991 - Attainment of  Diploma  of Accountancy at I.T.C. “M. Buonarroti” Frascati, Rome, Italy.
2008 - 2015 Self Employed Professional Shiatsu and Holistic Medicine Practioner, Italy.
2008 – 2009 Consultant for natural herbalist shop, Italy.
Other training: First Aid, Health & Safety, COSHH.