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self-development and personal wellbeing

The Ohashiatsu® in the United Kingdom is the only shiatsu training school of Master Ohashi in the United Kingdom. 

We provides a range of health services in the fields of prevention, wellbeing and comfort. In addition, we offer training courses based on the Ohashiatsu® technique. Our school is open to all levels ranging from beginners to professionals.

In the beginners course you will discover Ohashiatsu®,Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen philosophy. You will understand how, by practicing this elaborate form of shiatsu, you can improve your health and develop your inner balance. 

The professional course will help you develop a fluid, powerful, deep and harmonious way of practicing, which respects the body, eliminates fatigue, tensions and efforts, and allows you to practice with sensitivity and serenity. 

We are fully operational in both Surrey and Yorkshire. 

Our Services

Training Courses

Learn the fundamental principles of Ohashiatsu® as they apply to bodywork and to everyday life.
By exploring fluidity and inner strength, you'll learn how to work from Hara: your centre, your source of inner strength and calm.  
Our courses range from beginner to professional level.

Self Ohashiatsu® Technique

The online course consist of a 6 week personalised online programme.
You'll learn simple and natural self-treatment exercises, meridian stretching, acupressure and  meditation at the comfort of your home. 

Private Sessions

The private session offers a moment of a deep relaxation and inner listening.
It's suitable for those who wish to experience the benefits of Ohashiatsu® in a more intimate setting. 


Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. 
It's particularly beneficial to those who suffer from acute or muscular pain. 

Sessions at Home

Receive individual Ohashiatsu® treatments at the comfort of your own home.
All treatments to be within 25 miles from Baildon.

Gift Voucher

You can now purchase gift voucher for one or more sessions. Share the wonderful world of Ohashiatsu® with your loved ones. 

What is Ohashiatsu?

The Ohashiatsu® is a method of toning and healing contact that gives energy, relieves tension and fatigue.

Developed by Master Ohashi for more than 45 years of practice, teaching and observation of human nature, Ohashiatsu® incorporates contact techniques, movement,

meditation and philosophy of oriental care.

What are the benefits?

  • Movement, flexibility and endurance of yoga
  • Strength building and enhanced posture of Pilates
  • Revitalization of your own Ki– life force energy
  • De-stress of your body and mind
  • Revitalization of your spirit
  • Better understanding of yourself, others and nature

What is the difference between Ohashiatsu®, shiatsu and other types of massage?

The primary difference between Ohashiatsu® and traditional shiatsu and other massage method is the maintenance and improvement of posture, movement and wellbeing of the giver. 

When you give Ohashiatsu®, you feel energizes and regenerated by the way your body moves and how your Ki energy strengthens because you are meditating while you work.

 Studying Ohashiatsu means starting a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. 

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